We want electricity consumers in Arizona to have a choice of the most reliable, transparent, and innovative options available.

The history of electricity choice in Arizona is a history of unfulfilled promises. Arizona’s Energy Competition Act created electric retail competition and permitted competitive providers to sell electricity supply and other services to Arizona’s consumers. But today, electricity services statewide are only available through the monopoly utilities, who continue to act as gatekeepers to the marketplace and maintain a monopoly over your electric service.

The state’s utilities – you know them as APS, SRP, and TEP – currently are doing everything when it comes to your electric service: generating power, billing customers, maintaining poles and wires, attempting to provide customer service, and more. The Choose Who You Use campaign advocates for the consumer taking control for who should provide their electricity.

With true electricity choice as our goal, Arizona’s consumers are the prime beneficiaries of the Choose Who You Use campaign:

  • Allow every consumer in APS and TEP service territory to find an electricity plan that fits their budget, priorities, and values.
  • Require electricity service providers to meet high standards to sell electricity. The Arizona Corporation Commission will decide who makes the grade based on factors like the financial stability of the company, consumer protection standards, their ability to offer renewable options, and the Commission will always maintain the duty to regulate the price. Choice is NOT “deregulation”; the regulators continue to play an important role.
  • Strengthen consumer protections from unfair, misleading, and deceptive practices – including a “consumer bill of rights.”
  • Empower utilities to focus exclusively on the reliability, security, and efficiency of our infrastructure while dedicated, state-qualified, retail electricity providers supply the widest range of generation options to consumers.
  • Drive market and product innovation and competition between retail electricity providers, which not only best serves consumers but also more directly helps close the gap between cleaner, innovative energy and accessible energy options.
  • Advance accessibility of clean energy, including solar, wind, and other green resources to any consumer that wants it.

Choose Who You Use wants a better deal for electricity consumers in Arizona.

It’s Arizona’s Energy. Choose Who You Use.

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Choose Who You Use is building a coalition to ensure Arizonans get a real choice when it comes to electricity. This state-wide coalition works to deliver electricity choice to Arizona, giving consumers the power to make the best electricity choices for themselves and their families.

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